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Você faz doer meu cerebro
Que isso?, diz você
Bem, deixo me explicar.
Você é uma quebra-cabeça do tipo mais frustrante
Não posso te ver
Vejo seus olhos em mim e me faz sentir
Uma coisa inexplicavel
Mais uma dor insuperavel.
Não posso te alcançar
Está tão perto mas tão longe
De um jeito que me quebra em mil pedaços
Cada. Vez.
E eu fico analisando toda detalha
Que pode significar isso?
Poderia ser?
Não.  Você já tem alguém.
Já tem alguém.
Já. Tem. Alguém.
Doe tanto.
E você sabe...
Ah, é isso que me quebra
É este variavel que faz com que meus calculos
Fiquem complicados demais
Você sabe, e ainda você brinca comigo
Seu olhar, seu toque leve
Por que?
Só me fala que me ama
Ou me fala que não quer nada
Fala algo
Qualquer coisa
Alguma coisa
Não me deixa assim
Te amo te amo te amo
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Unrequited or Unconfirmed?
Back and forth
like banter, our words
under any other eye
reveal the truth
But to us
as in a secret understanding
they go unconfirmed
leaving us both apprehensive
unknowingly taunting the other
and reaching for something solid
Until the opportunity passes
as we slowly move onward
unaware, abandoning a chance
to become one
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Science and Love : Concept
A proton and electron
That is what we are
Your subatomic forces
Pulled me from afar
You may be 60% water
But to me you are much more
You contain carbon and iron and calcium
And phosphorous in store
By the second law of thermodynamics
Some heat should really be lost
But when you hold me oh so close
It seems there is no cost
Natural selection is surely true
It must have favored your line
How else could your lovely voice
So perfectly glitter and shine?
Sound's sine waves are dampened
When you whisper in my ear
They soften like the inverse of the natural log
So I can barely hear
I feel myself subtly quaking
Whenever you are near
It must surely be a taxis,
Perhaps it might be fear
Fear that I will lose you
For over elapsed time
Entropy makes disorder
Between your heart and mine
If you ever left me
I know what I would do
I'd assign random numbers to choices
And select one of a few
But I think our love is significant
There may be something there
Just close your eyes and hold my hand
While I p
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Light Pollution : an Elegy
Light used to be this lands blessing
Raining down from the sky above
Even after the sun had run its course.
There was a time in the past
When the time of night was not meant to be feared
But was meant to be enjoyed by all who cared to glance skyward.
Then it happened, the great immigration
Abodes were built up, great civilizations
sprang from what seemed like nothing.
The voices of the people roared in gladness, in prosperity
They became prideful, and lit up the night with their
Inventions born of the sands of the beaches and the metals of the earth.
I've watched their progression, their every move
I've watched the stars disappear one by one
And I've wept for their ignorance and apathy.
Woe unto this great nation,
For they have blotted out the very leaders that guided them
To this land of promise and opportunity, this land of dreams.
And now, with the sinking of the sun
Emerge demons in the shape of men
For without the beacons of the heavens, there will always be places of murkiness
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Along the rocky shore my feet are again carefully stepping,
The water lapping softly against my bare toes
And playing tricks with its ethereal touch.
Too often it seems that its reach extends
Up and over my ankles, crests and troughs
Urged into uneasy motion by the constant unyielding cycle
Of human activity on the distant shore.
To the common eye the beauty is stunning
Grand mountains rising thousands of feet,
A powerful backdrop for a humble alpine lake.
And yet to the experienced mind this sight is ruined
By the sound of harsh laughter, the splashing of excitement.
But patience prevails; I know my friend all too well,
And come nightfall the full moon rises in her usual glory
Illuminating the scenery in the shadow of her eye.
And awash in her light the mountains bask happily,
The lake quietly brooding at their foothills.
It's silent at last, the common people gone home for the night,
Seemingly fulfilled from their ignorant adventure,
Their ironic natural escape that was but a tempora
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I'm back from Brazil!  I'm planning some projects right now, so keep tuned (is anyone actually going to see this?)!

Ah, e agora eu falo Português.  Então, vou postar em inglês e Português!
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Brock Davis
United States

I use Autodesk Inventor to create objects and then Autodesk 3DS Max to render scenes. Is it art? You decide.

I also dabble in poetry / free writing when the mood hits me.

More renders for each project found here :…


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